waggy mUSIC


The Client

Waggy is platform for selling beats online and offers a in-app mini studio made for a music label based in Switzerland their goal is to offer an artistic direction and unique musical productions.

The Team

I worked on this project as a part of Holographisme agency as a ux/ui designer with a team consist of graphic designer and developers.
We have worked closely with label team to keep

The Problem

Finding beats to produce music or recording can be a big obstacle for new artists or producers in music industry in term of budget and time, an artist trying to record as many songs as possible to advance on his carrer will demande paying for expensive studio or having experience dealing with music softwares.

Kick-off workshops

We have done many workshops with Waggy team which some of them are also artists to understand their problems and gather the maximum insights, we have also done competitor analysis to define the pain points and create our personas.


Based on our user research, i was ready to create user journey for our persona in order to better understand user pain points, goal and expectations. below is user journey of jake persona.

Information architecture

Based on several brainstorming workshops we built information architecture.

Prototyping and testing

We have studied our direct and indirect competitors to gain a full understanding about the market meanwhile to get inspiration.
Based on competitors analysis and user research, user journey. I have created our first prototype.
We continue testing with user and based on the feedback, we improve the UI and test again.

UI Design look & feel

I started working on the look & feel using Figma as my main design tool, before working on the final UI i have set up a design system to make sure everything is consistent.


Communication and collaboration is the key.

It’s never easy to work with other people that way communcation is the key.
We have done weekly meetings that help us to achieve our goals faster.

Don’t fear taking new

This project was short on time so it was very important to be organized and effective.