Hi there!

I’m Zakaria a UX/UI & product designer from Morocco.

I'm a product designer living in Morocco. I love making music 🎹, I’m an adventurous traveller and i’m into challenging myself accepted thing 💯. I have grew up in different places in my country and i never hesitate to get involved in new experiences, i have the ability to quickly learn new things or adjust to new challenges in life.

As a designer, i’m passionate about designing digital experiences that leave a positive impact on people, environment and the society. My goal is to understand people goals and needs in order to communicate emotions through my design process.

I’m certificated from the interaction design foundation.
I have a bachelor degree in IT management and worked in tourism industry as owner and manager, this allowed me to developed my skills as a problem solver by understand people goals and needs and find effective solutions.

My resume

Some cool 😎 things i have done.

I traveled ✈ ️ for 7 months in southeast Asia

I learned how to surf 🏄  in Bali and level up in Morocco.

I trained Muay Thai 🥊  for day in Thailand.

I founded a surf hostel 🛏️  from scratch in Morocco.

I volunteer 👨  in a small village in Thailand.

I did hiking ⛰️   in Laos, Indonesia and Thailand.

I danced 🕺🏾 to electronic music in Berlin.

I learned 🎶  music production and DJ .

❤️ Many more to tell and many more coming...